Join our Pastured Pork CSA to support the farm and get a sweet deal on some great no-GMO pasture-raised pork, including our amazing handmade sausages and charcuterie.

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. CSA members purchase a “share” of what our farm produces in advance, helping us to offset the substantial up-front costs associated with producing meat in a sustainable and conscientious manner. Why participate in a CSA? There are a ton of good reasons; here are a few to consider:

  • Quality: Tasting is believing. Once you've tried pastured-raised pork (and our sausages), it will be difficult to return to supermarket meat.

  • Connection: Learn more about where your food comes from and develop relationships with the people who produce it.

  • Diversity: Receive an assortment of pork cuts, a wide variety of sausages, and other delicious cured meats.

  • Access: Some of our products are extremely limited and are only available through the CSA (see below for more on that).

  • Value: Save a bundle on the full retail value of the contents of a share.

  • Support: Farming is tough! CSA programs really help out a farm's cash flow throughout the year and are a boon to the bottom line.



Our Pastured Pork CSA works a bit differently than a traditional vegetable CSA and even some other meat CSAs. Here's how: shares are distributed in a single allotment, but we offer three sizes to choose from and you pick the month you would like to get it. A Full Share includes 65-70 pounds, roughly equivalent in weight to the packaged cuts, sausages, and other meats you would receive from half a pig. A Half Share is 30-35 pounds in total and is a great option for smaller households or those who tend to eat less meat overall. Box Shares contain roughly 18-20 pounds of meaty goodness, focusing on fresh cuts and sausages, with a small taste of our smoked and dried products.

CSA share distribution is generally between 4pm and 7pm on the first Monday of every month, unless it's a holiday.  Please note the actual pickup date when you place your order and make a note on your calendar.

We have two pickup locations for you to choose from:

  • Short Creek Farm, 18 Winding Hill Rd, Northwood, NH 03261

  • Potter Hill Farm, 64 Potter Hill Rd, Grafton, MA 01519



Below you'll find a rundown of what you can expect to find within a share. In addition to the meats themselves, we'll include cooking instructions and recipes to give you plenty of ideas when you get your share home. Of course, if you find you'd like additional suggestions of how to cook or serve one of the items in your share, just drop us a line!

  • Pork Cuts include bone-in chops, spare ribs and country-style ribs, and ground pork, as well as a few larger roasts (both butt roasts and picnic roasts). The assortment of cuts lends itself to a range of different cooking techniques for the curious and adventurous cook. Not an adventurous eater? Not to worry -- shares do not include organ meats and other off-cuts. Pork cuts make up roughly 50% of your share, by weight.

  • Fresh Sausages are drawn from our wide and ever-growing range of sausages. These are all made from our own unique recipes and in many cases incorporate ingredients grown on the farm. Fresh sausages make up roughly 25% of your share, by weight.

  • Smoked Meats include the likes of our different bacons that many of you already know and love. But we'll also be rolling out brand new varieties of smoked meats (Liverwurst! Tasso Ham!) and other snazzy treats (Country Paté! Scrapple!) in limited quantities, exclusively through the CSA program. Smoked meats and other cooked products make up roughly 15% of your share, by weight.

  • Salami?! You betcha! There will be a few different salamis and other dry-cured meats for you to try. Our salami are generally seasoned more subtly than are our fresh sausages, so the focus is squarely on the quality of the pork. We also do some mean whole muscle dry-cured meats: coppa, lonza, guanciale, pancetta, and more! These are super limited and are only available through the CSA program. Salami and other dry-cured items make up roughly 5% of your share, by weight.

  • Stock & Lard are an important component of the CSA program as they allow us to make use of the whole animal. Shares will be rounded out with our rich pork stock and snowy-white rendered leaf lard, ready for you to put to good use in the kitchen. Stock and lard make up roughly 5% of your share, by weight.

Please Note: Due to the logistical challenge of coordinating a CSA program, we are not able to accept requests to customize shares (e.g., "No pork chops."; "Only Bratwurst and Hot Italian sausage."). If you have allergies to certain ingredients, however, please let us know when placing your order and we will make the appropriate substitutions to make sure that you can safely enjoy all of your share.



While you can sign up anytime, we encourage you to do so in advance, both because we cap the number of shares available per month and because advanced purchases really do help us out immensely with budgeting and planning. For that reason, discounted shares (woohoo!) are occasionally available for those who sign up early.  The pickup dates for discounted shares will change according to our production schedule throughout the year - check the CSA web store for availability.