We're crossbreeding Belted Galloway and Aberdeen with the goal of getting small-framed animals that grow fast on pasture, are thrifty with hay in the winter, and yield the tastiest beef when raised and finished entirely on grass.

Belted Galloways ("Belties") are an old Scottish breed of cattle, known for their hardiness, delicious beef, and perhaps most of all, for growing slowly to a moderate size.  Aberdeen (formerly known as Lowline Angus) are derived from a line of old Angus cattle that were taken from Scotland to an Australian experiment station in the early 20th century.  They were bred for small frame size, excellent yield, and an ability to thrive on pasture.  Modern Aberdeen are much closer to the old Angus cattle of Scotland than the modern Angus so loved by today's American "Bigger is Better" beef industry, and they are known for growing quickly to fill out their smaller frames, docility, hardiness, thriftiness, and (again) delicious beef.

We will not be offering beef for sale in bulk this year as part of a Grassfed Beef CSA program, but we may bring back the beef CSA in future years as we continue to grow our herd.

To see what beef we currently have available, check out the price list.