Narragansett White-Cap Flint was the variety of corn passed down from the Narragansett Indians to the first European settlers of Rhode Island. White-Cap flint's enduring reputation stands on more than historical significance alone; it also happens to be good eating.

Both Dave and Jeff have their roots in RI, where Narragansett White-Cap Flint has a special place in agricultural and culinary history. The seed corn that Jeff received years ago from a true Yankee old timer—if you've got the time, ask and he'll tell you the story—may well be one of his prized possessions, and for good reason. If you have even more time, ask Jeff about the superiority of White-Cap Flint versus corns of lesser pedigree. It lends cornbread and polenta a richness and depth of flavor that belie these dishes' spartan ingredients, and of course, it's the right and only choice for authentic Rhode Island johnnycakes.

We grind our cornmeal in small batches right before packaging and sale, so it's always fresh when it gets to you. If you need to store yours for any length of time, keep it an airtight bag or container in the fridge or freezer.


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