Rainy days and silver linings


I know. After last year, we need the rain, and I really shouldn't complain. But you know me, I never met a forecast that didn't give me the grumbles! So let just say quickly that we better see some serious sunshine real quick, or else. That's right, Nature, you're on notice. If you don't cooperate, I'll start driving the diesel truck up and down Harmony Rd for no reason, throwing bits of Styrofoam and plastic bags out the window as I go. What's that? Yes, I am threatening you. We have a list of things to do that require a bit of dry weather and firm ground, namely getting the garden ready to plant, picking the 87 tons of stones out of last year's pig pasture, and moving the growing pigs out to their summer pasture. As far as garden plans go, anyway, it seems I only ever make them so I can totally disregard them during the season. Inevitably, my nice garden map ends up mostly crossed out and scribbled over, so this year is shaping up to be par for the course. Even so, we're approaching get-it-done-one-way-or-another time, which means, in the wise words of a mentor, it's time to "put your snorkel on and get to work." 

On the upside, we did get the breeder pigs moved down to their summer habitat, a nice spot of woods behind the house. It's a good setup, and we'll be easily able to pull each sow out of the herd to give her a good patch of pasture as she gets close to farrowing. Speaking of which, we're expecting piglets on Sunday, so get ready for some terribly adorable pictures of little baby pigs. Also in the good news department, the grass is as green as you'll ever see and the buds are starting to pop on the trees. These colors are really magical against a gray foggy misty background, and sometimes I think that spring in nearly as beautiful as fall around here, if not quite so flashy. The woodcocks are doing their thing with gusto, and one dropped out of the sky yesterday evening as I was walking with Barley, somersaulting down right over us and nearly landing on my noggin. As always, the trials and tribulations are offset by joy and beauty, if you can just manage to keep your eyes open.

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