NALMC "Woodcock Walk" - April 26th, 6pm

 Courtesy of Wikipedia

Courtesy of Wikipedia

Northwood Area Land Management Collaborative.  Sure, it's a mouthful, but all the info you need is right there.  Where is it?  Northwood... area.  What do they do?  Manage land.  Collaboratively.  Or, according to the website, NALMC is "a group of neighbors in and around Northwood, New Hampshire working together to connect with each other, and to the land, through an appreciation of the natural world."  

Short Creek Farm is in the "NALMC Neighborhood", and we're glad to be a part of a conservation-minded community surrounded by over 2500 acres of public and private conservation land, including Saddleback Mountain and Northwood Meadows State Park.  As Short Creek Farm grows, we aim to work closely with NALMC to make the connection between conservation and good farming and husbandry, between healthy ecosystems and healthy people.

In that spirit, join us for a "Woodcock Walk" on Wednesday, April 26th with Julie Robinson. Julie is an extraordinary wildlife biologist who worked as Small Game Project Leader for NH Fish and Game for 27 years. She will lead us on a walk around Short Creek Farm to witness the dramatic mating dance of the woodcock and learn about its habitat. Bring binoculars, if you got 'em.

Before Julie does her thing, I will get a chance to flap my gums for a bit.  I'll be talking about using grazing management to improve pasture and hay quality over time. I'll describe management-intensive grazing with cattle, grazing with pigs for providing fertility and light tillage, and our goal to implement "winter grazing" for pigs in a hoop house with deep bedding to make compost and protect water quality.  I'll also talk about why we raise beef, pigs, and vegetables as part of a holistic approach to farm management.  But mostly it would be great if you just interrupt me with questions about things that interest you.

We'll meet in front of the barn at Short Creek Farm at the corner of Winding Hill Road and Harmony Road at 6:00 pm.

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